Tiny Showstoppers with Miss Sabrina

A successful and popular Drama and Dance Program for children aged 2 1/2 - 5 years that Miss Sabrina has devised herself and in 2018 it will be running for the 9th year! The class entails approximately 20 minutes of songs that encourage singing, dancing and actions - with and without using FUN props. 20 minutes Mat time which includes Mystery Box Newstime which encourages the children to develop early Public Speaking skills and nurtures their self-confidence. This is also a time for singing, acting and learning. Topics throughout the year will include Telling the time, Colours and Shapes, Counting and Nursery Rhymes. The class ends with Free Dance and Stamp and Sticker time.  This is a FANTASTIC class that will help with your child's self-confidence, encourages exercise, expression, imagination and it will also help your child prepare for their Kindy and Pre-school years.  This class will run on Monday mornings for 2018.



Tiny Jazz - 2 1/2 - 6 years

Basics of Jazz technique will be taught in a fun and encouraging environment.  Great for improving co-ordination skills and learning the early concepts of 'dancing'.  This popular class will run on Monday and Friday mornings in 2018.  A Beginner Jazz class for 4 years and up will be offered on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.





 Showstoppers Tap - 6 years plus

Correct Tap technique for the relevant age/level of students will be taught with a strong emphasis on Performance skills.  We offer tap classes on Tuesday afternoon for our more advanced tappers and Saturday mornings for more junior/beginner level in 2018.




Tiny and Beginner Acro - 3 - 7 years

Students will learn basic acrobatics tricks in a fun, safe and encouraging environment.Gym equipment such as mats, hoops, balancing bar etc will be used for circuit type activities. This is a great  class for working off excess energy and heaps of FUN for everyone!  This class will be offered on Monday mornings.  Beginner Acro (4 - 7 years) will be offered on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.



Tiny Ballerinas and Beginner Ballet - 3 - 7 years

A very popular class!  Does your little one act like a little ballerina at home or loves using props to dance to music? This is a fun character ballet class that will teach the basics of correct ballet technique and also focus on character work so that early acting skills can develop, which in turn will help with performance skills.  This class will be offered on Monday mornings,  Tiny Dance Combo class Friday mornings and Beginner Ballet taught on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings in 2018.



Showstoppers - Jazz

Correct Jazz technique for the relevant age/level of students will be taught with a strong emphasis on Performance skills.  We have junior classes on Tuesday afternoon and Saturday mornings, and on Thursday nights 6.15pm - 7.00pm we have our popular Director of Acrobatics Mr Matt teaching his Open Jazz class for 10 years plus.



Hiphop from 6 years to Intermediate Level

Mr Matt teaches his energetic Hiphop class on Monday afternoons for ages 6 years plus, and also on Thursday afternoons for 7 years plus. 




Triple Threat(Acting, Singing and Dancing 8 years plus)

Students will learn correct singing technique, acting skills and simple dance choreography in a fun and encouraging environment. Routines based on well known Musicals and scriptwork will be learnt in this class on Wednesdays with Miss Nikki.  



Drama Showtime(Age 6 - 12 years)

Miss Nikki will provide an encouraging environment for their students to express themselves.  News telling, Theatre games, Improvisation skills , an introduction to acting skills and scriptwork will be part of this course on Thursday afternoons in 2017.


Junior Song and Dance (6 - 10 years)

This confidence-building song and dance class will give students a good starting point for learning the basic technique of singing with vocal training, and will learn dance moves to accompany their song.  Students will also learn basic performance skills and technique for Musical Theatre ,in a supportive environment.  This class will be taught by Miss Nikki on Thursday afternoons in 2018.  



Junior Musical Theatre

Miss Nikki will provide an encouraging environment to teach Musical Theatre for the 5 - 8 years age group on Monday afternoons.



Acrobatics - All levels and ages

We have a class to suit students of all ages and abilities.  Learn Acrobatic tricks from our experienced and qualified Acrobatics instructors - Mr Matt, Miss Hayley and Miss Ruby.  An emphasis on correct technique will be taught with safety a priority at all times.  Choose from a range of classes on our timetable - Monday afternoons, Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday afternoons, Thursday afternoons, Friday afternoons and Saturdays to find the class that will suit your child/ren the most in 2018.


Cheerleading and Tricks (6 years plus)

Cheerleading and Tricks is A FANTASTIC class to compliment a Level 2 or Level 3 Acrobatics class. Mr Matt will teach his Cheerleading class on Saturday afternoons. 



Elite Acrobatics Technique(6 years plus)

Our Director of Acrobatics - Mr Matt will help you to learn how to progress to backflips and other tricks on Thursday afternoons.  (Aimed at students 'serious' about acrobatics.)  It is highly advisable that a Level 2 or Level 3 /Intermediate Acro-stars or Tuesday Acro and Tumble class is taken as well to get the full benefit of wanting to further your acrobatic skills.  Private Lessons will also be available with Mr Matt.




A specially devised ballet program to suit a range of abilities and ages will be taught throughout a range of classes under the professional direction of our Head of Ballet Miss Hayley.   In 2018, we will look at offering the opportunity for students to sit their RAD examinations.





Beginner and Intermediate Contemporary (7 years plus)

These are fantastic classes to help with expressing yourself through movement. Our Contemporary classes will run on Monday afternoons for our more experienced students and Thursday afternoons for those students that are more at a beginner level. A Ballet class is recommended to be also taken to compliment and improve with technique in Contemporary classes.




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