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Sabrina McGarraghy – Principal and Business Owner

Sabrina started her Dancing life at the age of 3, and since then…..hasn’t really stopped! She is CSTD trained in jazz, tap and acrobatics, with early RAD ballet training, as well as keeping up to date with many years of dance training and performance experience in both her younger years and adulthood. She is also a mother of 2 sons and has a genuine LOVE of working with children. Sabrina enjoys seeing her students’ skills develop and their self-confidence blossom! Sabrina created her very successful Tiny Showstoppers with Miss Sabrina Drama and Dance program for children aged 2 1/2 – 5 years in late 2009 and has developed it further as she has gone along teaching it, with 2018 being the 9th year that the program ran. She was also the assistant teacher for our Tiny dance classes for a number of years. With Sabrina’s Showstoppers now growing so much, Miss Sabrina has decided to retire from teaching her Tiny Showstoppers program in 2019 to focus more on the running of the studio and developing it further – but will still be very ‘hands on’ giving her attention to ALL classes run at the studio, as well as co-teaching our 6/u competition troupe class.

Sabrina also prides herself on being a strong businesswoman, aiming to manage her growing team to utilise their strengths as much as possible to help provide a better service, and at the same time she enjoys personally ‘connecting’ with her customers who she believes are all part of her Showstoppers ‘family’.  With her many years of Administration and Accounting experience behind her along with the growing amount of years as a business owner, this has helped her to enjoy watching her business Tiny Showstoppers with Miss Sabrina grow considerably in it’s first 2 years, then grow even more when it became Sabrina’s Showstoppers in February 2012 up until today. She has also found that her studio has the ‘community feel’ she wanted for it and really enjoys the big social aspect of her studio. Sabrina enjoys catering for both recreational and more competitive students, and still stands behind her motto that everyone deserves to SHINE!

In 2020, she is wanting to take Sabrina’s Showstoppers to even greater heights with her professional teaching staff who she believes not only offer top quality dance and performance training, but who are fantastic role models for instilling good life values in the students(whether they are recreational or competition level) who attend her studio. Sabrina is looking forward to expanding Sabrina’s Showstoppers even further and has lots of exciting plans in store for it.

Joshua Walker, BA MSS – Theatre Production Course Teacher & Director

Josh’s love of the arts began at a young age. When he was 12 years old, he starred in the Singapore national stage pantomime, and after that he just had the bug. Throughout his life, he has dabbled in practically every medium it is possible to create in. By the turn of 20, he decided to forgo financial stability and pursue the life of an actor.

Josh studied at Curtin University in Western Australia where he gained a Bachelor’s degree in Performance. Since then he has found himself sliding slowly sideways into the dual realms of directing and producing. His original stage works ‘Speechless’ and ‘Breathless’ have won him several awards for direction and innovation of theatre festivals across WA. This also led to the creation of his theatre company, the Shadowlight Darkly Theatre Company, and his professional debut as a director at Perth Fringe World 2015. This has led to other professional appointments including directing jobs and chairing the board of Umbrella Works INC.

The suggestion of an old mentor brought him to the WA Screen Academy and he loved every stress-filled minute. His creative works from that year include ‘Splendours of a Mind’ (Director) ‘Trytophan’ (Producer) ‘Out on a Limb’ (Director) ‘Little girl Lost’ (Producer, Writer and Director) and ‘Godot’s Clinic’ (Producer) which has so far been nominated for a WA screen award and won Best Picture at the Channel Nine Awards.

Josh’s ongoing goal is to find a way to reconcile all of his creative pursuits and make a living whilst doing so. He enjoys swimming, painting and playing with his puppy; and is highly passionate about education.

Josh enjoyed both teaching our Theatre Production Course and directing our two successful Theatre Productions “Escape to the Galaxy” in 2018 and “Mad House” in 2019.  In 2019, the popular Theatre Production Course  expanded from one class to two classes with Josh teaching both classes,  DUE TO COVID 19, Our Theatre Production Course will be put on hold until 2021.

Nicole Hannan, CSTD – Senior Dance Teacher

Being one to always sing and dance around the house, it was no surprise when Nicole pursued a career in dance. Beginning lessons at the age of 2, she received her CSTD Tap and Theatrical Teaching Diplomas while training at the Gail Meade Performing Arts Centre. It was here that she gained invaluable performance experience through exam preparation, competitions and floorshow work.

Nicole has been teaching Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Acro and Hip Hop over the past 20+ years. During this time she has taught students of all ages, at various high schools throughout Perth, and successfully run her own studio for 10 years. After the birth of her eldest daughter, she closed her doors to concentrate on being a mum, but continued to pass on her knowledge and love of dance to not only her 2 girls, but also the other studios she has been involved with ever since.

She looks forward to continuing her journey of teaching her passion of dance to our Showstoppers students.

Sophie Moore – Ballet Foundation Dance Teacher

Sophie trained at Katharine Mantle Performing Arts Academy from age nine under the influence of Katharine Mantle and Adrienne Eastoe. She has currently completed her Certificate 2 and 3 in Dance, and has graduated from John Curtin College of the Arts in 2017. She has competed in various competitions in Australia and the United States and has been awarded Teen National Champion of the Dance Life Unite Finals in Sydney for both 2014 and 2016. She has been awarded most outstanding dancer at the WA Dance Expo and has completed all RAD vocational levels. In 2016, Sophie was accepted into the Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional year, but decided to pursue her University studies in Criminology as well as continuing with her love of choreographing and dance teaching.

Miss Sabrina has personally known Sophie since the age of 6 years and has enjoyed following Sophie’s very impressive dance and performing journey over the years, and watching her transform in to the beautiful young lady she is today.

Sophie is very excited with the opportunity she has been given to work with our young Showstoppers students, and enjoys helping them with their dance journey.

Jasmine Murray – Dance and Vocal Teacher

Jasmine is a talented singer/songwriter, pianist, guitarist, dancer and actor and an experienced teacher in the fields of Musical Theatre, Vocals, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and technical classes such as turns and leaps.

2020 will be the 6th year that Jasmine will be working with the students at Sabrina’s Showstoppers and she is especially enjoying working with our Competition students utilising her strong choreographic skills. Miss Sabrina looks forward to Jasmine being a very valuable senior member of her team again for 2020.

courtney seale – musical theatre teacher/vocal coach

Courtney Lauren Seale is a dynamic triple threat from Perth, Western Australia.  Courtney recently graduated in 2019 from Principal Academy of Dance and Theatre Arts,  After two years of intense full time study, she completed her Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts, double majoring in Dance and Musical Theatre.  “Children of the 80’s” was Courtney’s first professional gig since graduating and she is excited to continue furthering her career.

Courtney has been doing a great job teaching our Triple Threat and Vocal Troupe classes. as well as private vocal lessons this year.  In Term 3, we look forward to her joining us on Saturdays to teach a wide range of classes as well.

Keren Schlink, BA MSS – production scriptwriter

Keren has been busy in the theatre since the tender age of eight, first as a dancer, then an actor and finally as a writer and director. Keren’s achievements include writing and directing for Stirling Players Youth theatre group (winning Most Innovative Production at the ITA Youthfest and Dramafest), writing Tryptophan (nominated Best Screenplay at the Ouchy Film Awards) and writing A Spoonful of Sugar (nominated Best Documentary – Short at the WA Screen Awards). Keren is also an experienced Theatre in Education performer and puppeteer having worked with the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation, Safety House WA and Class Act Theatre.

Keren enjoyed her role as Scriptwriter for our two original Theatre Productions “Escape to the Galaxy” in 2018 and “Mad House” in 2019 as well as relieving Joshua Walker teaching the Theatre Production Course when needed.  Due to COVID 19, our next Production is scheduled for 2021, with Keren expected to be our scriptwriter.

Letisha Carozza – Ballet Foundation Teacher

A ballet, contemporary and lyrical dancer and teacher, Letisha has been dancing from the age of 7, with the majority of her training occurring and continuing at Katharine Mantle Performing Arts Academy. She has danced competitively, winning many awards. In addition, she has completed 8 RAD ballet examinations, receiving a Distinction in Advanced 2 last year. She attended Santa Maria College, where she completed her Certificate II in Dance in 2016 and received Dux upon graduation. She is currently studying Physiotherapy at University of Notre Dame. Letisha aims to encourage her students to develop a love of dance and is excited to see them flourish and gain the many skills that come with dance training and performance.

Taylah Carozza – Dance Teacher

Taylah has trained at Katharine Mantle Performing Arts Academy in Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical and Jazz. Since the age of 6, she has competed in both state and national competitions, as well as having completed up to Advanced 2 in RAD Ballet examinations.

Taylah was accepted into WAAPA’s Bachelor of Dance course for 2019 and also Sydney Dance Companies’ pre-professional program for this same year. However, she has decided to study an undergrad of Biomedical science and postgrad in a Doctor of Medicine at the University of Western Australia. Taylah was chosen to perform an own choreography piece in 2019’s WA Performing Arts Perspectives and has been selected to perform in RAD’s Gala Night for 4 years running since 2015.

With a strong passion for contemporary dance, Taylah continues to train in this style and is excited to share this passion with the students of Sabrina’s Showstoppers.

zoe jay – administration manager and Drama Teacher

Zoë’s musical theatre experience started when she was 9 years old, being part of the cast for ‘The King and I’. However, Zoë is better known around the Perth area as a dancer and choreographer, having 25 years of experience in the dance world.

In 2009, Zoë started her directing journey, completing a number of one act plays and variety shows. After graduating from WAAPA, she started with Murray Music and Drama Club in 2009, winning a Finley Award for ‘Outstanding Choreography’ for ‘Oklahoma’. She continued on with MMDC, and thoroughly enjoyed directing the children’s musical ‘Snugglepot and Cuddlepie’ in 2011. Zoë’s directing experience is not just limited to the stage, but also has extended to film and screen.

Zoë then completed a Bachelor of Creative Industries, double majoring in Photomedia and Film. After graduating from university in 2011, Zoë disappeared for 2 years whilst traveling around Europe. She continued her love of theatre and dance overseas, watching over 20 West End shows and even traveling on a Salsa trip to Cuba.

Since returning, Zoë has directed ‘Bonnie and Clyde the Musical’, for MMDC in 2015, in which they were nominated for 3 Finley Awards with 2 winnings. Her next directing gig was for ‘Jekyll & Hyde the Musical’ at the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre. Outside of theatre you found her in her photography studio, owning and managing the multi-award winning and the winner of ‘Top Performing Photography Franchise’ 3 years in row.

Zoë considers herself a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to business and organisation. She’s very excited to come on board the Sabrina’s Showstoppers team as Administration Manager and Drama Teacher.

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