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Tiny Showstoppers with Miss Sabrina is a successful and popular Drama and Dance Program for children aged 2 1/2 – 5 years old that Miss Sabrina has devised herself.  She taught this program to hundreds of delighted children for 9 years from 2010 to 2018.

The class entails approximately 20 minutes of songs that encourage singing, dancing and actions – with and without using fun props. Also 20 minutes of mat time which includes Mystery Box Newstime which encourages the children to develop early Public Speaking skills and nurtures their self-confidence. This is also a time for singing and learning. Topics throughout the year include Telling the time, Colours and Shapes, Counting and Nursery Rhymes. The class ends with Free Dance and Stamp and Sticker time.

Self-Confidence, Exercise, Expression & Imagination

This is a fantastic class that will help with your child’s self-confidence, encourages exercise, expression, imagination and it will also help your child prepare for their Kindy and Pre-school years. Miss Sabrina has currently put this well-loved educational program on hold to concentrate on the growing demands of running the studio, but hopes to bring this program back in the near future.

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Learn, have fun, create, express, gain confidence and shine at Sabrina's Showstoppers.

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